The Benefits Of Personal Tracking Devices

Tracking is often considered the ultimate ‘big brother’ – geeks locked away in a control centre somewhere, spying on us and keeping tabs on what we’re doing. I’m sure that somewhere this is probably happening in an isolated minority, but don’t be blinkered into thinking that this is the only use for these types of technologies – the present capability and future is extremely bright.

Firstly you have to consider what it is you want to achieve – a process we call requirement definition. Do you want to enable operators on the ground to have a navigation tool with fringe benefits of knowing where they are at the control centre or a bespoke, dedicated panic button that starts to track when activated as a safety tool? Or do you want to deliver a real time situational awareness tool to coordinate assets on the ground in a wide area and ensure they work together? Or do you simply want to ensure that your vehicles or aircraft are being run as environmentally efficiently as possible as a fleet and keeping your overheads to a minimum? Maybe you need to keep tabs on a high value asset from the warehouse to the drilling rig at the bottom of the ocean floor. The potential applications are endless, and our approach is to sit down with you and take the time to understand your business and potential requirement fully prior to offering any form of solution.

There is a huge range of technological solutions available depending on the application and planned use. Aircraft, vessels, people, assets in a warehouse, phones, vehicles – even underwater – there is pretty much a device or software solution to meet most tracking needs. It normally comes down to the following factors:

  1. What you want to track
  2. What you want to achieve by knowing where that asset is
  3. Communications bearers available
  4. Power sources
  5. How often you want to ‘see’ the asset being tracked

These form the fundamental basis of any tracking consultation – once you get this right, the rest is on the right track to getting you the right solution.


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