Personal Trauma Pack (PTP)

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The Personal Trauma Pack has been developed as requisite equipment specifically for those personnel deployed into hostile or remote environments.  The medical equipment within the pack enables the user to effectively deal with life threatening trauma injuries in the first instance.  The pack is compact and light enabling it to be easily carried on the person.

 Note: additional items can be provided to be included in the pack dependant on your requirements.



Pack includes:

Personal trauma pack bag in black (dimensions when closed  23x17x10 cms) with leg strap, 1 x Barefoot threefold trauma dressing, 1 x Tactical tourniquet, 1 x Crepe dressing, 2 x Triangular bandage, 1 x Pair tuff-cut scissors, 2 x  Pairs nitrile gloves, 1 x OPA airway size 3 (size can be changed upon request), 1 x Face shield, 1 x Roll medical tape, 4 x Medical wipes.

Black Med Bag Black_Open_Packed


All prices include UK vat and signed for UK delivery

Standard PTP: £104.40

Additional extras can be added:

Price Standard PTP/Celox 15g: £122.40
Price Standard PTP/Russell chest seal: £128.40
Price Standard PTP/Celox 15g/Russell chest seal: £146.40
Additional tri-fold dressings added into the above: £8.40 each

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