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TYR Solutions are pleased to provide you with the following overview relating to facilities and training areas available to our clients for 2012. This facility is aimed at companies wishing to hire the various elements available.

We have the following facilities immediately available to you to use exclusively during any training evolution or corporate event, within an hours drive from Prague Airport.

Accommodation & Main Training Venue

15 minutes drive from the ranges and 25 minutes from the airfield training areas, the Château would form the base for any training package and has all the facilities required on site to conduct the most adventurous training evolutions. We also have permission to land our Mi8 or R44 there for any helicopter serials you may need to deliver. This is an isolated venue 40 minutes from the city and lends itself well to keeping a course contained without any unnecessary administration issues.

The Château is a magnificent Baroque gem of Czech architecture situated only 40 kilometres from Prague. The property is surrounded by beautiful French gardens with a ceremonial courtyard. Attached to the garden there is a deer reserve, consisting of the former château forest. The central section of the deer reserve contains a protected nature reserve.

The recent restoration has transformed the Château into a contemporary conference centre equipped with the latest conferencing equipment and technical facilities. The unique union between the Baroque architecture with state-of-the-art conference premises offers an exceptional environment for the holding of domestic and international conferences, workshops or training courses.

At the same time, the Conference Centre includes luxury accommodation facilities in the premises of château. The total accommodation capacity amounts to 80 beds and is separated into the main building, and east & west wings complete with spa facilities.

Airfield & Training area

This is available with bunkers, buildings, and the runway as well as surrounding woodland and open fields. These facilities can be utilised as an entire package or as individual components to suit your needs.

At this location we can also offer BMP’s in various configurations for familiarisation and driving training, T55’s, Quads, 4X4’s, various eastern bloc vehicles & uniforms all available for hire for you to use in a variety of evolutions.  We can also offer defensive and evasive driving as well as paintball, expedition, team building and hostile environment training.

An off road driving facility is also available here along with vehicles at additional cost. The airfield is also available with various helicopters hired by the hour if required.

All of the facilities can be made available to you at short notice and interactions delivered in English, Czech, Slovak, French, German and Swiss languages. Other languages can be delivered on request.


Dedicated Ranges in a professionally run facility – Shotgun (Trap/Skeet), 25m Pistol, 50m, 100m Rifle at the same venue. Various target sets including steel & falling plates. As well a basic introductions to firearms and experiences, we can offer as standard a 10 operator course shooting at any one time, however can cater for more dependant on the weapon system and evolution.

We offer .22, 9mm, 5.56 and 7.62 available as full bore calibres, both semi and controlled automatic bursts of 2 to 3 rounds subject to operator aptitude and weapon system.

The ranges are predominantly outdoors, however they are open all year round, 6 days a week and most have shelters so you can shoot comfortably in all weathers. Night-time shooting is also possible however hours vary and is dependent on time of year. Fire and movement is also possible, however currently limited to a maximum of two operators advancing/retreating in an evolution.

Vehicles are not permitted currently due to the layout of the butts/firing points, however if this is a requirement, this could be catered for in the future. With concurrent activities, such as medical training, dry drills, tactics etc. in addition to range time, we could feasibly train a maximum of 80 operators per day in groups of 20. Minimum attendance is 10 operators per days training.

Currently we offer this with TYR Solutions instructors and mentors due to licensing laws however for long term contracts would be able to offer this facility to companies wishing to utilise their own directing staff and weapon systems.


We can also offer bespoke courses using these facilities in the following areas (POA)

  • Shout Nano – practical guide
  • Iridium 9555 & 9575 – practical guide
  • Gryphon – Aviation, Maritime and Land based deployment
  • FastView tracking portal – organisation managers
  • GPS Practical guides
  • Travel Awareness
  • Hostile Environment Training
  • Situational awareness
  • Introduction to Firearms
  • Basic weapon system accreditation (Please ask for your specific weapon system)
  • Off Road driving (4X4)
  • Off Road Driving (Armoured BMP)
  • Off Road Driving (Quad Bike)
  • Embuss & Debussing rotary aircraft
  • Heli fast roping/Abseiling
  • Defensive Driving
  • Evasive Driving
  • Effects of Ammunition
  • Arrest & Restraint
  • Remote Area First Responder


  • Firearms Taster – from .22 pistol, through .45 Magnum to 7.62 AK47
  • Off Road driving Experience (4X4)
  • Off Road Driving Experience (Armoured BMP or T72 tank)
  • Off Road Driving Experience (Quad Bike)
  • Helicopter Stunt Flight
  • Evasive driving taster – High speed airfield passenger ride
  • Evasive driving hour – learn J turns, Y turns, Handbrake turns & precision driving techniques
  • Paintball packages
  • Ice Hockey
  • Bespoke professionally organised events at some of the countries most iconic venues
  • ‘The Game’ Ultimate experience

All of the above can be tailored to suit your individual needs in a bespoke experience package and some courses have restricted attendance criteria.

Logistics and Support

We offer luxury 18, 28 or 49 seated bus transfers direct from Prague Airport to the Chateau as well as cars for individual transfers or specialist vehicles on request.

Food and beverages are available on site at the Chateau, as are tea & coffee facilities and we can arrange packed meals to ensure training continuity during evolutions. Accommodation is comfortable, modern and well appointed. We will arrange suitable vehicle hire for the duration of the course if required along with local mobile phones and SIM cards if required.

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