BGAN – Ways of saving costs when using BGAN satellite terminals


Your BGAN satellite terminal is the new breed of small, portable satellite broadband terminals. BGAN can work up to peak burst speeds of 468KB’s, average speeds using the STANDARD DATA connection are usually around 250 to 350 KB’s. Compared to the world of land based Internet connections these would not be considered to older style satellite terminals generally running no faster than 64K. Please make sure you should be aware of the costs for the plan you have signed for.

Standard Data

Standard data connection is charged by the amount of data you send and receive, per Megabyte. This is the most commonly used data connection and suitable for almost all customer needs.

Streaming Data

Streaming Data connections are charged by the time you have a Streaming Data connection open, regardless of the amount of data you send or receive. The Streaming Data connections guarantee you a particular throughput of data, 32k, 64, 128k and 256k (Higher Speed Streaming Data connections are Terminal Dependent). Streaming Data is more suited to video or audio streaming, and use with customer programs that may require a constant steady flow of data.

Cost and Saving Measures

Fastwave consider you TURN OFF Windows Automatic Updates until you can connect your computer to a land based Internet system. Windows updates can be quite large and costly. Windows Updates can be turned off from your computers Control Panel.

Virus Program Updates

It is probably more important to receive these updates, as down time and IT costs to “heal” a virus infection can be more costly than paying to download the updates. If your Virus program allows you to customize your updates and turn off program updates but leave virus definition updates you may do this to cut costs down again. You may however find at some time there is a program update for your virus program that MUST be downloaded… you should be warned though, and if you’re close to being able to connect your computer to the Internet on a land based system, you could consider delaying the download for a few days.

Other Program Updates

From time to time you may see Windows open offering you to update an installed program. These programs usually “know” the computer is connected to the Internet and will ask you before downloading updates. Do this only from a land based Internet system to keep costs down. Better still you can search in the programs “Preferences” or “Options” and turn OFF automatic updates. An example of a program that will check for updates is ADOBE READER.

Internet Explorer 

You can set your Internet Explorer home page to something like This way every time you open Internet Explorer you are not going to download a large Internet site.

In Internet Explorers Options you can stop quite a few items from being downloaded.

We recommend you turn OFF Animations, Sounds and even consider turning off pictures. If you turn off pictures, Internet sites will show blank squares where pictures would normally be. Definitely make sure you TURN OFF animations and especially sounds.

General Browsing 

If you so some internet browsing and find files/information you want to download, try and make sure you know how large the download is and thus be able to make an estimation on how much it would cost to download.

Other Programs – General 

Some programs on computers can constantly talk over the Internet and rack up large costs. The two worst program types are V.O.I.P programs like SKYPE and also messenger programs like MSN or WINDOWS MESSENGER. While it is Okay to have these programs installed make sure they are not automatically starting up and also automatically logging into the Internet once you are connected. You’ll need to check the programs PREFERENCES or OPTIONS.

Watching Your Data Usage 

The BGAN software, Launchpad has a useful feature called the “USAGE MONITOR.” The usage monitor allows you to keep a track of the data you send and receive over a particular data session, and also the cumulative data over many sessions. The usage monitor can be reset at anytime, which would generally be done say at the beginning of a month, or maybe at the beginning of a usage period.

Other Questions? 

If you have any other questions about using your BGAN or wish to enquiry about purchasing one, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or visit our BGAN communications page at


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