TYR/Blue Mountain Group Merger

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce our merger with Blue Mountain Group.

In late 2016 Blue Mountain Group acquired Centurion Training, one of the market leaders in HEFAT training around the globe since 1991.  TYR Solutions Ltd Director Steve Cook was approached by Blue Mountain and offered to merge TYR with Blue Mountain Group.

What does this mean?

Blue Mountain has been in the security industry for over 18 years;  Centurion has been developing HEFAT training programs since the early 90’s.  Combining TYR’s current on the ground, media and NGO  support along with it’s reputation conducting training around the globe, these 3 companies coming and working together means we are able to provide a depth of knowledge and current understanding that will be hard to beat by any other provider.

Effectively TYR and Centurion as a combined effort have become Blue Mountain Training under The Blue Mountain Group. We are currently moving to a new premises and training venue within 40 minutes of London.

We will continue to support our clients as we always have, especially the freelance journalist community and NGO’s. We will continue to support organisations like The Rory Peck Trust, Front Line Freelance Register, INSI, CPJ, ACOS as well supporting the minimum standards for media training.

We would like to thank all who have been part of the TYR family and community, we would especially like to say thank you to all our clients, to which we look forward to continuing our relationship.




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