4 day Working in Hostile Environments Course (Media)

Our  4 day Working in Hostile Environments Course has been designed by operational personnel with both the experience and editorial understanding of journalism.  Our interactive course is delivered by instructors who have recent on the ground experience gained from a variety of challenging assignments and is continuously assessed and kept up to date with the current issues that you may face whilst on assignment. We will not standardise our courses, but what we will do, is provide the best training and support you will see within the industry.

Medical Scenario – December 2012 Course, courtesy of John Wendle

The course is divided equally between medical and security lessons; it is delivered through interactive training mixing a combination of lectures, discussions, role-plays and outdoor exercises.

We will take you through the prior planning stages of an assignment with pointers including self-sufficiency, cultural awareness, riots and protests, detainment, IT/Communications Security to weapon awareness to name a few. To finalise your training, students are tested through various scenarios, all of which are based on real life situations on our 5000 acre training facility in the Herefordshire countryside.

Our medical training will take you beyond first aid at work and give you the understanding, knowledge and confidence to be able to deal with multiple casualties in a remote environment, up to trauma standard. All students will also receive a free Personnel Trauma Pack after completion of the training. We believe that if we teach you life saving skills, you should have the correct equipment to use those skills if required.

As an additional option to the course, we offer a one day Introductory 4×4 driving course on the Friday after the main body of the course has finished for any students who wish to participate (please note, minimum of three students required and additional charges are applicable).

Students will also be given access to the MiM – Human Investigation Management e- module [lie and deception detection techniques]  to heighten situation awareness.

“TYR effectively focused on improving our skills in those areas where freelancers have some control – or where our actions can have a positive effect: planning, health, first aid, driving safety, PTSD, personal and internet security and kidnap survival. And their professional, accessible and friendly trainers also provided guidance on what can be done in those situations where we have little control – and taught us how to tell the difference.”

– John Wendle, freelancer, TIME Magazine, www.johnwendle.com

Note: TYR Solutions is also only 1 of 4 organisations that has received the Rory Peck “Approved Course Provider” certification.

If you’d like to book a course or have any questions, you can get in touch with us via the contact form, or call us on +44 (0)20 3239 5257.

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