Personal Trauma Pack

The Personal Trauma Pack has been designed as the essential trauma pack for anyone working in remote, hostile or challenging environments. Carried in an easy to to store pack which can be stored in a rucksack, the pack contains everything you require to treat a trauma patient at an advanced first aid level.
Pack includes: Carry case, sam splint, tourniquet CAT, Celox, 2 trauma dressings, tuff-cut scissors, skin marking pencil, OPA airway size 3 and size 4, Nasopharyngeal airway 7.0mm, face shield CPR, asherman chest seal, transpore tape, crepe bandage, burn smooth and more

£158 including VAT and Standard UK delivery


Celox can stop even potentially lethal bleeding fast. It’s easy to use, very safe and extremely effective. When mixed with blood, Celox forms a robust gel-like clot in 30 seconds and works independently of the bodies normal clotting processes. It’s proven to work in the cold, in the presence of anti-coagulants and generates no heat, meaning it won’t burn the casualty or care giver.

Celox is tested to class 3 CE mark standards and is suitable for a wide range of bleeding wounds, arterial and venous bleeding, surface and deep wounds, lacerations, grazes and minor cuts.

£32 including VAT and Standard UK delivery

Trauma Dressing

The trauma dressing has a pad folded twice, and can be used folded for small wounds or unfolded (either once or twice) for larger wounds.

The pad size is:

150mm x 150mm folded
300mm x 150mm unfolded once
300mm x 300mm unfolded twice.

£7 including VAT and Standard UK delivery

CAT Tourniquet

The CAT tourniquet is used by modern military soldiers on the battlefield, who rely on it to stop arm or leg blood flow due to injury. Since 2004, the CAT tourniquet has been issued to more than a million Military and emergency services personnel, and its effectiveness as a life-saving instrument has played a significant role in the improvement of medical care.
Easy to store (folded 6″ in length), lightweight (59 grams) and effectively adhered during patient transport, it’s a necessary medical tool for use by trained emergency response teams. Saving lives is the primary function of the CAT tourniquet, and it has a proven track record.

£35 including VAT and Standard UK delivery