Human Investigation Management

In today’s ever changing environment, the risk to global travellers has increased.  The ability to go about your day absorbing information about your surroundings allowing you to make rapid and logical decisions is a gift and a skill that is increasingly disappearing due to life’s ever growing distractions.

We need to make sound decisions based on reliable information.  Information is extracted from people.

How do you know if the information is reliable? as people lie, hide things from you or volunteer information for their own agenda.  There are some individuals that have to make decisions in split seconds and those decisions can be life impacting.

To make decisions you need USABLE & RELIABLE information, so how do you know if the information is reliable?  It is the ‘What’ you know, that gives you the edge!

TYR Solutions, working with human investigation and Master in Mind experts ISIO, can offer this e-learning 10-week Human Investigation course.

All you need to commit is 10 minutes a day.  It does not matter if you are on a gap year, a corporate business executive, a journalist working in Hostile environments or an NGO operating in challenging locations around the globe.  Human Investigation is a transferable skill into all walks of life.

Recent comment from a course participant

“It has been a very informative course so far. I am taking it at my own pace as there are a number of work-related issues that require more of my time/focus. I find I am learning as much about myself as others. I know that once I complete this, and repeat it as recommended, it will have a powerful impact on several aspects of the work I do in the field as a documentary video journalist and as well as a producer.

I will be sure to remain in touch.”


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