IT Assurance


Technology failures are among the top 10 business risks. In a global economy underpinned almost entirely by technology, the risk to ourselves and our businesses is steadily growing. This is posed through a variety of conduits which are gaining ground daily, including, but not limited to:

  • Our increasing, and often complete, reliance on networked and online services to conduct our business critical operations
  • The demand for instant information everywhere at any time, 95% of which is typically unsecured
  • Our own online behaviour, both at work and socially
  • Unsecured social networking and geo-location particularly when combined
  • Information security lapses by third party service providers
  • Anonymous negative online campaigns against our business or personal reputation
  • Data Integrity throughout its life span
  • Infrastructure and Architecture of your own networks
  • Business continuity – what happens when your business needs to continue operating during adverse situations and is that plan up to date?
  • Emerging technologies or ‘Bleeding Edge’ technologies – the ever quickening pace of technology developments including personal communications technology
  • Active and organised information exploitation techniques including all of the above

This leaves many companies and individuals open to exploitation in a variety of ways and many companies and individuals suffer negative effects, particularly online. Assurance of and Investigations into Information Technology in today’s world of bleeding-edge online services requires agile Cyber Security teams with the latest skillsets.  Tailoring teams to client requirements, we deploy professionals with proven skills, bolstering client Cyber defences while maintaining complete discretion throughout the project lifecycle.