Aviation Tracking

When a “walk on” tracking, monitoring and integrated voice communications solution is required, we can provide the Gryphon. The Gryphon provides an integrated Iridium satellite phone for global voice and SMS communications, which can be linked directly to the pilot’s headset if required, a wireless panic alarm and a rechargeable battery pack the provides up to 72 hours in a stand-along operation.

Gryphon Portable Asset Tracking and Satellite Communication Solution

Ideal for temporary aircraft, particular flight paths or leased aircraft.  It is is supplied in a compact, rugged, waterproof and dustproof case and is designed to withstand the rigors of travel in remote, hostile environments. Because it is completely autonomous, the Gryphon avoids the cost and complexity of installation in aircraft, vessels or vehicles.

The Gryphon has been deployed in 737′s, Crop Duster and Rotary aircraft.

Applications include:

  • Aircraft tracking and cockpit communications
  • Security convoys
  • Multilateral aid projects, disaster relief programs, first response teams
  • Mining, oil and gas, construction and infrastructure projects
  • Offshore recreational and commercial vessel safety
  • Recreational and research expeditions, adventure travel, car rallies etc.