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Media Deaths 2012 Infographic

2012 has been a notable year in terms of worldwide conflicts; we’ve seen the Arab Spring, the ongoing situations in Syria, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan and numerous other volatile and violent conflicts across the globe. As a result, the demand for international press and media has been phenomenal, as the rest of the world grows […]

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Increase your security online : Open Source Programs and Manuals

As technology continues to unfold at an ever increasing pace, the risks we face are ever more apparent. By utilising open source  programs and increasing our knowledge, we can implement measures to minimise these risks and in turn protect ourselves and our data. 1. Sumatra PDF: http://blog.kowalczyk.info/software/sumatrapdf/free-pdf-reader.html 2. TrueCrypt: http://www.truecrypt.org 2. Eraser: http://eraser.heidi.ie/ 3. KeePass: http://keepass.info/ 4. Jitsi: https://jitsi.org/ […]

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Basic IT & Communications Security Measures

Basic IT & Communications Security Measures In today’s electronic age, large numbers of us carry numerous electronic devices on assignment. This equipment can be accessed, jammed, hacked or intercepted easily by correctly trained personnel. Therefore, it is of extreme importance that we take advice and put in to place, basic security measures to prevent or […]

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BGAN – Ways of saving costs when using BGAN satellite terminals

Introduction Your BGAN satellite terminal is the new breed of small, portable satellite broadband terminals. BGAN can work up to peak burst speeds of 468KB’s, average speeds using the STANDARD DATA connection are usually around 250 to 350 KB’s. Compared to the world of land based Internet connections these would not be considered to older […]

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Rory Peck “Approved Course Provider”

TYR Solutions are please to announce that we are now only 1 of 4 companies that have been accepted by Rory Peck as an “Approved Course Provider”. http://www.rorypecktrust.org/3039/Approved-Course-Providers We continue to work closely with the Freelance Industry and Rory Peck to ensure that freelancers receive the correct support and training to aid them whilst working […]

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The Arab Spring Infographic


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Mobile & Computer Viruses in 2012

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