The Team


Steve is a highly experienced safety and security professional – he has a degree in Risk & Security Management. He has worked in a variety of sectors since leaving government service in 2002: energy, communications, television production and international newsgathering. His career portfolio includes service in the British Military and the British Police.

He has considerable experience in location and logistical management including; TV field production in the documentary and reality formats; often working in remote locations and harsh environments. He is practiced in pre-deployment planning, devising implementing operating and emergency procedures, crisis management and contingency planning. Recently he has covered the major breaking news stories in the Middle East, North African and Central Asia for CNN and NBC, FOX NEWS, ABC NEWS and NEWS international. He a skilled project manager and has established news bureau’s for the TV networks in environmental disaster and conflict zones. He is accustomed to starting from basics.

Steve has also covered international sporting events such as the soccer world cup.
His career portfolio has given him a formidable depth of experience working in countries with harsh climatic conditions, environmental disaster and conflict zones. He is culturally aware and an accomplished and competent negotiator, fixer with considerable business acumen.

Steve trains & advises government, media and corporate organisations in risk mitigation, cultural awareness, personal and residential security, hostage situations and medical skills including basic life support.

Steve also holds Television Production Safety Passport, BBC’s Safe Management of productions qualification and is a member of the Chartered Institute of journalists.



Alison is our senior safety and risk consultant.  Following a 15 year career in the armed forces she has now joined the TYR team as a consultant and instructor.  As well as her role within TYR she is a working freelance photographer and covers conflict and post conflict issues around the globe.  Her multi dimensional experience is invaluable within the training team as she brings credible experience and an understanding of the wider media community.  Within her capacity as a freelance member of the media she also contributes to on going training needs of this often overlooked community.  Along with the HET courses she works to develop specific training for women working within the industry.  She aims to bring her experience into the training and offers the students a more realistic perspective on the role of safety training and how this fits into the working lives of media professionals.



7 years combat medic working in the Army covering Africa, Denmark, Norway, Northern Ireland, Turkey, Greece

10 years full time special forces Medic creating the Special forces Medic Patrol course.  Setting up the Hearts and Minds Campaign in Central America.  3 years medic for the Anti Terrorist Team working world wide.

4 years, supporting the Long Range Recon Special Forces NATO School, West Germany in charge of medical and survival training.

MD for Pilgrim Medical Services designing and manufacturing medical equipment for field use.   Worked with Lofty Wiseman on the Hereford Survival School and in conjunction with the survival school worked for the Petroleum Training Federation running their management Health and Safety course.  Also carried out medical and safety/survival audits on crews working in the arctic desert and jungle.

10 years Medical Director AKE Group in charge of all medical aspects of the company including equipment training and remote area support for journalists.



Os is an experienced Remote Operations Manager, Expedition Leader and Remote Area Medic specialising in tropical rainforest and mountainous environments.

Os began leading remote expeditions in the jungles of Belize,  After a year of intensive expeditions, he travelled throughout Central America climbing every forested volcano on route. From there, he headed to Malaysian Borneo for a further two years of expedition leadership in the Kelabit Highlands of Sarawak. There, he worked closely with the Kelabit and Penan people on the preservation of a large area of primary rainforest as well as coordinating a variety of community development projects.He went on to become a UK Mountain Leader and complete a variety of intensive medical and emergency rescue qualifications.

Os has spent the last 4 years specialising in providing operational and medical support to a wide range of film production crews working in remote regions across the World.


An experienced and multi faceted expedition leader and remote trauma medic. Specialised in jungle and desert environments.

H’s experience has been gained through living and working for extended periods of time from the jungles of Asia and South America to the barren deserts and mountains of the middle east.

Coming from a family who has been in the film and TV industry for 3 generations H is a self shooting TV director in his own right, combined with H’s expedition and medical expertise has produced a unique and varied approach to TV and film safety and medical consultancy.

H has worked in extremely remote and challenging environments for a number of productions.